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Spreadsheet Guys is a business specializing in products and services for Microsoft Excel. From our proprietary software add-ins, through to books, downloads, templates and consulting services, we aim to improve the overall Microsoft Excel user experience.

Starting as just two friends who first met back at university, the team has grown to now include developers, consultants and consulting alliance partners. Collectively we have worked for many years across financial modeling, investment banking, financial & strategic consulting, corporate finance, venture capital, private equity, accounting, audit and risk advisory. 

Business modeling, numbers, data, math, logic and the organizational use of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are our passion. Having worked for and consulted to some of the worlds largest organizations, it is incredible to see the continued reliance on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for business decision making, in particular large financial decisions. The heavy reliance of Microsoft Excel for forecasting, capital planning, valuation and M&A decisions is staggering. We have seen first hand, the need for better trained spreadsheet users and spreadsheet design, as it minimizes the risk of error and improves efficiency.  The widespread use of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets in organizations large and small is not going to disappear any time soon. Therefore users, starting from accountants, analysts and bookkeepers all the way up to managers and business decision makers needs to improve their knowledge, skills, ability and efficiency when it comes to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Thankfully our aim here at Spreadsheet Guys, is to improve the overall Microsoft Excel user experience. We want to share our unique Microsoft Excel software add-ins, knowledge and experiences with the world.

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