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We have no hezitation in publishing what our customers and clients from around the world think of our products and services...

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"With the help of the Spreadsheet Guys software tools I have been able to navigate through large and complex excel spreadsheets with ease."

Michael Borgman
London, UK

"I have quadrupled my work productivity since using the Excel add-in tools created by the Spreadsheet Guys." 

Christine Nguyen
Boston, USA

"The Spreadsheet Guys have helped me to reduce the risk when working with Excel based financial models in times of tight deadlines and pressure."

Erica Mederle
New York, USA

"Using plug-ins designed by the Spreadsheet Guys has allowed me to create better excel spreadsheets for my clients." 

Phillip Keating
Sydney, Australia


"I use Excel on a daily basis and now the Spreadsheet Guys have come along and made me faster and more accurate."

Helen Schwartz
Munich, Germany 

"The individuals behind Spreadsheet Guys know all of the tips and tricks when it comes to Microsoft Excel and building robust financial models."

Simon Hunter
Edinburgh, UK


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