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Microsoft’s popular spreadsheet package Microsoft Excel, persists as one of the most widely used desktop applications in the business world today. For many, Microsoft Excel is the default spreadsheet application and the most popular due to its accessibility, simple interface and advanced capabilities when dealing with data.  From simple calculations, tables, charts and data management, through to complex financial models and custom built spreadsheet based applications utilising VBA and macros, Microsoft Excel has shown itself to be familiar, flexible, transparent and powerful when in the right hands.

As a business tool, spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel have some distinct advantages:

  • Fast to setup and design
  • Quick and easy to update and or override logic
  • Data from multiple systems can be combined and analysed
  • Pivot tables and filtering allows for data base style queries
  • Facilitates low cost system development when combined with VBA
  • Output is familiar making it easier for business decision makers
  • Allows for graphical representation of data through charts
  • Microsoft Excel has one of the largest user communities in the world
  • Microsoft Excel is inexpensive and often pre-installed on business desktops within the Microsoft Office family 

It is no wonder then, that Microsoft Excel spreadsheets have pervaded the worldwide business community and successfully embedded themselves to become one of the essential 'tools of the trade' for many Accountants, Actuaries, Analysts, Auditors, Bookkeepers, Bankers, Consultants, Engineers, Finance Professionals and Tax Agents.

In the hands of an experienced consultant, financial analyst or financial model builder, spreadsheets are a powerful decision support tool, used extensively by the world’s largest organizations to crunch the numbers behind important business decisions.

With so much of the business world using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and because your are on this website, you are no doubt one of these users. Here at SpreadsheetGuys.com Microsoft Excel is our passion. We love spreadsheets and work with them on a daily basis. We want to make your life easier and more productive as a Microsoft Excel user by providing you with access to our purpose built software add-ins, templates and downloads. Our aim is to improve the overall Microsoft Excel user experience. So take a look around and don't be shy to download our software free trials.

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