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Take advantage of our software free trial for Filter by Format 0.7. Once installed, you'll get the full functionality of this unique Microsoft Excel add-in tool for a period of 7 days.  This should be enough time to evaluate all of its features. After the 7 days you can then by a license key from this website for ongoing use of the software. If you decide Filter by Format 0.7 it isn't for you, then simply uninstall it from your computer using add/remove programs or the uninstall option from the Spreadsheet Guys folder accessible from the start menu / Programs.  We hope you enjoy our software!


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Our Microsoft Excel Software Add-ins work on the following platforms:
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Filter by Format 0.7 - Screenshots

Filter Setup Window

Microsoft Excel 2007 - All of our current and future software add-ins integrate into the one Spreadsheet Guys ribbon.

Microsoft Excel 2000 / 2002(XP) / 2003 - All of our current and future software add-ins integrate into the one Spreadsheet Guys menu.

Filter by Format - Why, What and How  

When Microsoft Excel is used to manipulate, store and analyse data it can become extremely difficult to manage, let alone efficiently work to produce any meaningful insights. This is because with data sets large and small, the data must be meaningful, logical, structured, internally consistent and clean. This holds true regardless of whether the data has been imported into excel from another system or manually entered.

In this computing age, most people know that for any data set to be useable it must first be relatively structured and clean. A spreadsheet and its table layout naturally encourages data to be somewhat structured, however ensuring data is clean is also difficult.

As a set of general rules data is most useful when things like text fields hold only names as well as meaningful and validated codes, categories and classifications. Text notes and other free form text should be isolated to a dedicated notes field and thus separated from other numeric data. Numeric fields should hold only numeric values (numbers, dates, %’s and in the correct quantum or magnitude with no text prefixes, suffixes, spaces, text elements or text notes present. You must also be careful that numeric data is not stored as text and it should be internally consistent in terms of the correct format so that it can be used in calculations or for comparison and queries. Finally, addresses should be separated out into multiple fields such as street address, town /suburb, state / province, postal code and country to allow for geographic analysis and mail outs if required.

Fixing up a data set to meet these criteria is called data scrubbing, cleansing or massaging. This data cleansing process can be very time consuming even for an experienced Microsoft Excel user, database engineer, business analyst or computer programmer.

So why does data that inevitably finds its way into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet often suffer from the problems outlined above. The reasons are many. If the data is imported, it may have been sourced from a combination of other spreadsheets, databases, systems, reports, word documents, emails or web pages. If the data has been entered manually it may have been poorly done so by an inexperienced computer user such as administrative or junior staff with a lack of understanding for data structures. Excel is easy to use and widely accessible, so an inexperienced colleague can quite easily update your spreadsheet with a false sense of confidence and inadvertently enter new data incorrectly. And finally, unlike a fully functional software system, data entry in Excel generally has no automatic validating rules, unless carefully setup by the spreadsheet’s creator.

Whilst Excel cannot clean or structure all of your data for you it does come with some useful functionality for manipulating and analysing clean and structured data sets. This in-built functionality includes pivot tables, sorting and filtering.

Filtering alone is a powerful tool and can help to quickly isolate data based on specified criteria. But what happens if your data is clean but not very structured (a common problem). For instance what if you, a client or your team is using colours, fonts or some kind of formatting to classify data in an Excel spreadsheet. In short, you won’t be able to filter the data, because Excel’s in-built filtering logic requires rules based on numbers, dates and text only. It will not perform filtering based on formats. In addition Excel filtering only applies down rows. It will not perform filtering across columns.

These common complaints with Microsoft Excel filtering are heard time and time again by engineers, accountants, management consultants, bankers and finance professionals who work with data in Excel spreadsheets on a daily basis. Many spreadsheet users including financial modellers (who seem to be leading the charge) are turning towards Excel Add-ins and software tools that plug into Microsoft Excel to help them improve the in-built filtering logic of Microsoft Excel and thus analyse certain data sets quickly and easily.

Probably the most popular and widely used Excel add-in for this purpose is Filter by Format.  We have developed a unique add-in which allows for filtering down rows and across columns based on one or more formatting criteria of a target cell within the data range.

If you want to filter based on colours and fonts, or finally filter across columns then ‘Filter by Format’ definitely fills a need and has already cured the frustrations of many Excel spreadsheet users, helping them to more quickly filter data which has been classified using formatting, thus helping them to slice, dice and analyse data in their Excel Spreadsheets.

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